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A year ago today, there was no doubt in my mind when I committed to having a run streak that I would not accomplish that goal. To run every day, no less than a mile for a year seems like an impossibility. I challenge impossibilities. Once I put it out there that I was taking on this challenge, for me, I was committed! Of course the other challenge was to not just run 1 mile. I needed more and if this was going to be my workout, 1 mile doesn’t cut it for me. I run 5ks every day, sometimes 10ks, sometimes 1/2 marathons, & sometimes twofers…just because!! Today I commemorate my 1year streak by running exactly 3.65miles. I’m a mom of 3, going to be 41 in less than a month…I’m fit, heart healthy, energetic, and happy!! #StreakOn #Summer #Runner #RunStreak #fitness #accomplished #beast #fitforlife #USRSA #RunnersWorld

I made mongolian beef(less) tonight. I bought non-GMO soy protein from @thelovinghut. Used #glutenfree Sky Valley teriyaki glaze & marinade as well as Organicville’s GF Tangy BBQ Sauce and added chopped baby carrots, edamame, & black soybean tofu with a new brand of rice called “My Skinny White Basmati Rice”, which BTW is low glycemic, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, naturally grown & #GF, 0 trans fat, & same benefits as brown rice. OMG, it was amazing and easy to prepare. #foodie #organic #vegan #hearthealthy #fitness #fitforlife #eatsmart

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