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I NEVER EVER take #selfies. 1. Because I’m too damn old for that, 2. I never take selfies. BUT because everyone uses filters to make their pics look flawless and age defying (and there is nothing wrong with that), I wanted to show you what this 41y/o looks like without foundation, just #PaulasChoice Ultra Sheer SPF with antioxidants. What I’m saying/promoting and why…at the end of the ‘13-‘14 school year I had a major reaction/ breakout to a $100 bottle of age-defying face cream (Algenist) that left my face chemically burnt and covered with acne breakouts. I immediately sought assistance through my dermatologist but didn’t get my face flawless and clear until I started using Paula’s Choice at the end of May. I hesitated to post this but I needed to share how amazing PC is and what it has done for me. If you don’t believe how crazy my skin looked in April, I can send you pics. PC has completely rejuvenated my skin, minimized my pores, erased my fine lines, gave me back my youthful glow and I swear, I don’t need foundation when I leave my house. I used every product available through PC for my issues and in 3 months I’m more confident in the way I look (trust me when I say, I was so depressed with my skin…ask any of my friends). I just want everyone dreading about aging or acne or dull skin to try Paula’s Choice. I can’t say enough about it. You will thank me later. It works almost instantly. You’ll never want to use anything on your face besides PC ever again. #agedefying #young #bright #paulaschoice #antioxidants #IDontWantToGrowOld #NoFilters

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